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Unfortunately, the Piss & Moan Club Forums have been hacked recently and are shut down for now!

Some infantile idiots decided it'd be a great idea to flood the P&M forums with a ton of messages pushing their lame porn sites. Legitimate posts were totally lost in the flood of porn they left. Now, the P&M Club is all in favor of porn, but not when it's rammed down our throats (bad allegory, sorry). The only thing to do to fix the problem, besides spending hours on pruning their trash out, was to reinitialize the board. So if you ever left a message here, we're SO sorry, but there was no other way. Spammers and their kind are the bottom feeders on this planet. It's really sad.

If you have any idea on how to stop these slimeballs, drop us a note in our feedback page, or leave a comment in our guestbook. We lost a ton of our posts and we're guilty of not having a good backup for them. If you posted on the forums: sorry about that. Here's a list of what the old forums had as a layout. Once we figure out how to keep peckerheaded porn spammers out and get a bunch of posts again, we'll re-start the forums. So go ahead and log into our Guestbook for now. Try to be concise, without rambling on forever (yeah, right!). If you have a big story to tell, contact us and we'll feature you as a writer on our Essays page. Send us some feedback if you think you have more (or better) ideas: we like opinionated people!

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