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Piss & Moan Club Merchandise!

WARNING: This fine selection of merchandise is NOT available to the general public! Any attempts to purchase these items by individuals that are not P&M Club members will be rejected to the fullest extent of the law! See the Membership page to determine if you qualify to become a P&M Club member.

What good is it to belong to any cause if you don't have the proper merchandise and trappings to go with it? If you're not willing to put up a few bucks for what you believe in maybe you're just not committed enough. For less than the price of a poorly prepared dinner, you can show that you are (or should be) committed. All Official Piss & Moan Club merchandise now has the Club URL on it (earlier test market products didn't) and is quality assured by our Quality Assurance department. Orders are shipped upon receipt of payment and you should have delivery within only a few days. A $5.00 shipping and handling fee will be added to your overall order. Send cash (US only) if you're a very trusting person. Personal checks are accepted pending clearance from your bank (we're not that trusting). Visa and MasterCard can be use to order online and you can get your order quicker.

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You won't believe the number of people that will ask you where you got this shirt! Everyone either thinks they belong to the Club or knows someone else that does. Let us know how many "hits" you get. This luxurious garment is a genuine Hanes Beefy-Tee® Shirt in 100% heavyweight pre-shrunk ringspun cotton. It's full cut, 6.1 ounce, taped neck with a graded collar and double needle stitching on sleeves and hem. We proudly and carefully emblazon the Piss & Moan Club logo in black on the front. Available in S,M,L,XL. Shipped in a plain brown wrapper (fancy colorful wrapping available soon).

Member price...........only $14.95 (US)

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Do you hate having to give your email address to anyone? Do people repeatedly forget it? Would you like to personalize your address to something meaningful? Look no further! You (as a member) qualify for an email address at the Piss & Moan Club. You get a new Membership Certificate that reflects your new email address and automatic forwarding of all mail to your existing email account. That way you don't have to make any changes to your email reader and you can use your new address in all outgoing correspondence. Imagine the response from people when you tell them where your email home is! Now you can Piss & Moan with authority!

Member price...........only $14.95 (US) per year

Watch for other new and exciting P&M products to appear here soon...

OK, so you don't wear t-shirts, you don't know how to retrieve your email, and you don't have any friends. What else would you like to see with the Piss & Moan Club logo on it? Email us!





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