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 History of the art of Piss & Moan:

It's a little unclear where the first Piss & Moan actually took place. In prehistoric times, cavemen would bop each other on the head with a club if they had a real complaint. But a Piss & Moan is a bit different. It's not something that would start a war (at least back then) but just a little irritation stuck in the frontal lobe of the brain that pops out whenever anyone will listen. Cavemen would probably use a disgruntled look as they stalked about since they didn't speak a lot back then. But, earliest records show that probably Diogenes started it all after getting taken by a few shrewd con men. Gestrius The Elder (283 BC) constantly sniveled about "what happened to the good old days" and Queen Miracopia had many people put to death for rolling their eyes at everything she said. And since things aren't like they were "back in the good ol' days", everyone's grandfather or father has been assumed to be our first exposure to the fine art of the Piss & Moan.

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 What makes a true Piss & Moan ?:

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These days, it seems like everyone has something to complain about. It has become a sanctioned activity in a day where the mandate is to be "politically correct". Reading the newspaper or watching a TV newscast fills you with topics that involve some person, group, or thing complaining about some other person, group, or thing. Lawyers, various "rights" groups, and the government (at least in the US) all thrive on people complaining!

But a true Piss & Moan is much smaller than a complaint or grievance. It's something that sits back in your brain waiting for the chance that someone will listen to it, then it goes back into hybernation. It's really of no use at all unless it's shared with someone. And although it may be an issue that lasts a lifetime, rarely does anyone take action on it. That would kill the P&M and it would be of no use anymore. Many people complain about taxes, bureaucracy, employers, and the weather. While these can be technically be classified as P&M's they are not what we're interested in here at the Club (unless their sheer number qualifies one as a real drag at parties. The best P&M's are things that other people never think about, but when you mention it, everyone agrees that it really bugs them too!

 Why does the Piss & Moan exist?:

The Piss & Moan Club got started by a group of people in Southern California (not that it's relevant) that just didn't have much better to do than Piss & Moan. We all feel that it is our inherent right to not be discriminated against by rude people that called us whiners (heretofore referred to as the "W" word) and never invited us to parties. We're tired of the phrase "put a sock in it" (what exactly "it" is remains a mystery) and its more succinct variant, "stuff it"! Maybe by joining together with those of our kind around the world we can achieve respectability, see that we're not alone, and maybe even get some of our hot items resolved.

 How to qualify for the Piss & Moan Club:

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