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This site is intended to be a mental "clearing" house for those of us who don't understand why the world just doesn't match up with how we thnk it should be. The Piss & Moan Club is a place where you can be heard on the issues that bug you and also see that you're not alone. We all complain about taxes, bosses, politics, and other major issues. But a really great Piss & Moan is one that people don't usually think about, but when you tell them about it, they agree it really bugs them too. Browse around the site and feel free to "Piss and Moan" to us if there's anything that you'd do differently if you ran the Club!.

Piss and Moan Club T-shirts now NOT available!

Looks like our graphic designer got too close to someone's copyrighted work in his T-shirt design! As such, The official Piss and Moan Club
T-shirts have all been destroyed and are NOT available at this time!

WOULD have made a Great Gift!

After a long drawn out battle with the registration folks at Internic, pissandmoan.com is finally a reality! Back in early 1998 we tried registering the domain name with Internic and it was rejected. The fine dot com folks decided that the "p" word was just a bit too spicy for the world to see in the address bars of their browsers and they decided to just say no. Check out the History page to see how this site was born!


NOTE: The Forums will be up and running again soon so quit yer' complaining!

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You can't be serious about your P&M'ing unless you're an Official Member of the Piss and Moan Club! Members get discounts on merchandise, access to extended voting and posting rights on the website, and a spectacular, impressive Certificate of Distinction on fine parchment suitable for framing! (Get yours with a Piss and Moan Email Address to really impress your friends!)
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Stamp out boring, confusing email addresses!

Is your email address something like t_phudd973@duh-whatsite.net ? (not a real email address but it could be). Why not tell your friends where you stand on the important things in life as well as having them never forget your email address? Get a personalized email address at the Piss and Moan Club!




Open season on Piss & Moan Submissions!

The Piss & Moan Club has opened its doors to everyone for a limited time! We're looking for the best P&M subjects from around the world to build up our library. Unless you think that everything in the world is hunky-dory, stop by our Piss&Moans page and leave a note about what's bugging you lately (or most of your life).

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